Classes are offered in Montreal and surrounding areas.

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Johanne Desforges
Tel: 514-362-1858

The Voice - Singing Lessons - Private Lessions with Johanne Desforges

The Singing Voice
Private Lessons

For every individual seeking to work with their voice within the private lesson approach. The participant is guided through every vocal aspect. Using a customized vocal work out, particular attention is given to the understanding and mastering of the voice. Whether it is Breathing, Resonance, Flexibility, Tone Support or Range.

The Voice - Singing Lessons - Group Sessions with Johanne Desforges

The Singing Voice
Group Sessions

These classes are for everyone and are specifically designed to make the experience of exploring the voice dynamic and fun. Joining a group and sharing the experience is a great way to discover your voice within the body.

This workout focuses on relaxing certain muscles while building others.

The Voice - The inner Voice - Private Lessons with Johanne Desforges

The Inner Voice - Private Lessons

For everyone, the Inner Voice private lessons focus on your a personnal experience of the inner voice. A Voyage inside your universe through sound. Guided gently to areas where you can open your inner voice.

The Voice - The Inner Voice - Group Sessions with Voice Teacher Johanne Desforges

The Inner Voice - Group Sessions

Sharing and experience of sound within a group, expands the horizon of possibilities. Merging voices while still remaining within our own univers. With movements and visualisations, we create a different and relaxing hour of meditative sound and vibration.


  • Gentle movements to open and relax the body, using vocal warm up exercises with a musical background.
  • Using a variety of interactive games, we observe the air that is transformed into sound.
    The health, emotional and other benefits :
  • Deep Breathing
  • Calming to the Nervous System
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Improves Concentration
  • Offers tools that may be used on a day to day basis
Voice Lessons For Seniors - Voice in Movement

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