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** Please feel free to download, save or print the PDF of all the descriptions.

Before you start, check your POSTURE and go thrue the BREATH WARM UP



• The sound must be clear and open, even if it is lower in the vocal range.

• Relax the shoulders, neck, jaw, etc. and engage the lower abs for the entire 35 minutes.

• Feel the sound SITTING ON the diaphragm.

• The more you move the better the workout.

• Do not skip over the interludes of track 4 and 8 they are important rest period for the vocal folds.

• You can do this workout while cleaning the house or even, walking down the street. Have fun!


  • Stand Tall
  • Sink Down
  • Soft Knees
  • Tilt Pelvic Floor
  • Reach for the Ceiling
  • Relax Jaw
  • Bright Eyes
  • Open Ribs
  • Engage Lower Abs
  • Soft Shoulders
  • Smile!


Panting Exercise: Tongue out. Focus on the out breath. Exhale sharply and quickly. Keep posture well aligned. Have fun!

SSSSSS Exercise: Produce an S. Think SEE. Open the thoat and hold the air down as long as you can. Aim at 30sec for each SSSSS. repeat at least 10 times.

Blow Out The Candles: Imagine 5 candles placed in a half circle in front of you at a distance of 4 feet. Blow each one out as quickly as you can. Go back and forth. Observe...

1. Descendint Fifth 5min50

Your objectives: Refine the action of the diaphragm pulling in the air. For this you must go all the way to the end of the air and feel the diaphragm falling and pulling in the air down. Retain that air in the lower part of the lungs by holding open the space and engaging the lower abs with a light pelvic tilt. Observe how the sound floats on that air. Avoid glottal attack by smoothing out the initiating of the sound with a soft (h), making sure the vocal folds come together smoothly for a clean and optimal sound production. Observe! Make sure you understand the 5 types of breathing and that you are opening the ribs to allow coastal breathing. Keep a check on the shoulders. Move slowly firmly planted on the ground. This is a gentle awakening.

2. Staccato 2min29

Your objectives:Again, refine the action of the diaphragm while relaxing the shoulders and keeping the pelvic floor engages lightly to help manage the air pressure keeping it out of the throat area. The sound bounces down on the diaphragm and feels like it lightly jumps down on it. This vocalize helps in relaxing the body while producing a clear and relaxed attack. Keep moving.

3. Lalala 2min43

Your objectives: Flexibility, which is very important to allow the voice box to move as is needed for vocal range and requires all muscles involved in that action, to be tension free. This exercise works on many levels: placing the voice, opening resonators and also releasing tension from the tongue and jaw. It is essential and must be performed with ease and good well supported, clear vowel sound.

4. INTERLUDE - The Air 3min19

Your objectives: This is the first vocal break. It is essential for a healthy vocal warm up. All muscles involved must go through a cycle of rest after exertion just like any muscle training. Turn your attention inside to observe the air. You may close your eyes and follow the visualization while standing or sitting. Be very in tune with the breath. Observe.

5. Awakening the mask 2min 47

Your objectives: After our break, we now are ready to put the focus on awakening the different resonating areas of the body, working our way down to the mask and chest resonators to develop the beautiful rich tones of the voice. Stand with the Posture Check List in mind and make sure your sound is supported and solid. Still observe the breath being pulled in low in the lungs while ensuring it is stable and well managed. Observe the vibrations of the sound at the tip of your tongue and feel the lips, hard palate and whole face vibrate. The tone is not pushed forward but simply opened and free, filling the whole area of the head including the mask. We need all resonators open and vibrant for a beautiful voice, so keep the head space as well as the chest area open.

6. Lalala and Staccato 2min22

Your objectives: This is an advanced version of the lalalala exercise, rounding out mask, head and chest. As always, we keep the sound very well supported and tone clear and round. The more you move the better it is. Keep replenish the air soundlessly and effortlessly. Observe the sound running along the hard palate. Keep the shoulders and jaw relaxed while holding the pelvic floor solicited. Feel the ground and move your hips in rhythm to the music. Open the coastal ribs area to keep the air flow stable. This must be an effortless exercise. It is deceptively simple vocal exercise. Enjoy! Have fun!

7. Awakening the Chest Resonators 3min13

Your objectives: The chest area is the seat of the dark, warm tones of the voice and is absolutely vital to a rich and complete voice. It is also the platform on which the voice stands. Imagine it as the floor. You can also extend that visualization to the pelvic floor allowing even more space to the vibrations. It is essential here that you keep the sound standing and not falling into the chest resonating area. Feel it in the mouth and also the head. The Chest Resonator as well as the Mask and Head vibrate in sympathy with the frequencies related to those areas. Your voice is NOT a Chest Voice or Head Voice; it is an ALL voice and must resonate everywhere. We awaken the areas separately to better have a sensation of them, but then, blend them all together. You cannot sing INSIDE the Chest. Feel the sound above the vocal folds and resonating down in the cavity of the Chest. Experiment and Have Fun!

8. INTERLUDE - The Earth 4min25

Your objectives: This second Interlude is again to rest the voice while getting ready to move up into the Head resonating area. The high register is NOT up there in the head way above our eyebrows, it is solidly seated down into the body with all the space behind the eyes and mask vibrating. It is spacious and open and deeply rooted. To fill that space, we must be well grounded so this interlude will help you anchor yourself to the Earth. Push your feet into the ground and stand tall. Move to the rhythms of the music bending the knees and closing your eyes. Feel the air coming up from the earth to fill you completely. Hold the space in the lower lungs by soliciting the coastal ribs apart. Relax the shoulders and jaw. Observe the space inside the body and move to the rhythms. Do not sing. This track is meant as an earth feeling, borrowing from the Native People sounds. *(Not authentic native rhythms or sounds and not meant to be)

9. Staccato to Open the Space 2min05

Your objectives: By this point in your vocal warm up, you have a well awakened diaphragm pulling in the air while that air is managed and stable. The sound should be clear and round, having opened the Mask and Chest resonating areas. This staccato is in preparation for the opening of the Head. Keep the shoulders relaxed, pelvic floor solicited, soft knees etc. This is also an advanced breathing exercise making that the air is simply replenished in a soundless and effortless way. Keep the lungs filled to their maximum capacity. Smile, move and stay in tune. We use all the vowels here EE - AY -A - O - OO – U. The more you move the better the work.

10. Awakening the Head Resonators 3min23

Your objectives: The head tones are essential to a complete vocal color in all registers. Open and spacious, the tones are neither forced nor pushed but rather floating. Make sure the air is anchored deep in the lungs on the diaphragm, even the pelvic floor. Initiate the sound down and feel like a bell that is ringing. It lights and radiates 360 degrees. The challenge is to keep the air pressure stable and the posture tall but grounded. m

11. The Final Stretch 1min54

Your objectives: Never force the voice. This final exercise must be done after all the other aspects are warmed up: Air Pressure, Staccato, Glottal attack, Resonators awakening. Never push but rather feel the roundness and ease of moving up and down. Move, smile and have a great day!!