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The Inner Voice


  • The Inner Voice is a voyage within
  • Using Visualizations, we break through blockages and heal ourselves from within
  • A tool you take home and use anywhere and anytime
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A Guideline - Coming Back - 6:16

The Inner Voice is very real. Usually it expresses itself with words to tell us what to do or not. We usually see it as our conscience or our Guardian Angel. Words are important but the non-verbal reality is more powerful as to awaken the pre-verbal period of our existence.

Emotions do not have words most of the time because by the time we can put words on them, it has gone through much break down and analysis by the brain and our beliefs.

Voice in Movement and the Inner Voice work, is a means to express our self without the barrier of words so eliminating the analytical brain from the exercise. While taking advantage of vibration and our personal vibration at that, there is no more personal and powerful tool.

Let’s use your own vibration to awaken by resonating without a specific focus allows the soul to release tensions and blockages that are impossible to detect by mental analysis.

  • Follow your bliss
  • We don’t need to understand
  • Just do it and observe the result
  • If it feels good it is correct

Let yourself be guided by the inner voice that seeks the beauty and pleasure of the soul. Let it soar within the inner universe and express itself.

The Inner Voice is a voyage within. Non verbal and non judgmental, this expression is free as a bird floating on the whims of the soft inner breeze of the Soul.


Visualization - The Body - 11:25

The first step is to open the body to frequencies and vibrations that lead you to more awareness of the being and aliveness of the self.

I invite you to follow along and enjoy the sensation of your own voice vibrating within your body.

Visualization - Chakras - 11:18

Enjoy awakening the energy centers of the body with color and vibration of your voice.

Visualization - The Egg - 9:28

Build a zone of security and comfort where you can rest and regenerate. A space that is available to you any time anywhere.

Visualization - Lasers - 11:06

With more focus we open spaces within using the imagery of lasers.

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