Your Daily Workout


  • The Daily Vocal Workouts make staying in Vocal Shape Simple and Fun
  • Follow with Videos or Audio Tracks
  • You may Purchase the Audio mp3 Series to work off line at any time and get Moving on Your Own.
FREE Download of Guide for: The Classic Workout Guide PDF
FREE Download of Guide for: The Next Level Workout Guide PDF


The Audio mp3 Series are available for purchase. On the final page of payment, you will find a link to download the .zip to save on your computer.

The CLASSIC VOCAL WORKOUT mp3 ausio series for only 12$ via Paypal.

The NEXT LEVEL Vocal Workout mp3 audio series for only $12 via Paypal.

For 20$ get BOTH WORKOUTS mp3 audio series together via Paypal.


Follow along with Johanne in THE CLASSIC WORKOUT. a 35 minutes of detailed work to help you master :

Vocal Workout - The Classic
  • Breath Control and Tone Support
  • Attack
  • Flexibility
  • Awakeing Resonators
  • Range

This workout focuses on the different aspects of the instrument that must be addressed in detail to get you on the path to a solid base.



Energy and strengh are the themes for this Vocal Workout. THE NEXT LEVEL WORKOUT with student Irem Bekter, is 25 minutes to help you master :

Vocal Workout - The Next Level
  • Breath Control and Pitch
  • Extension of Range
  • Complex Diaphragmatic Work
  • Improvisation

We do encourage you to start with the Classic to make sure you are warmed up enough to do this one. Its up to you! Try them out and have fun.