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Irem Bekter and Voice in Movement



  • Use your own moves to get in vocal shape
  • Extending the range
  • Let Johanne Guide you
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    Awakening of the Body and Breath
  • Start with the SSSSSS exercise. Open the throat. Think EEEEEE When out of breath LET IT IN and start again
  • Stand tall, soften the knees. Move the knees
  • Move hips
  • Tilt the pelvic floor
  • Stay planted firmly on the ground
  • Don't forget the SSSSSSS
  • Roll shoulders and go for it!
  • Keep the legs strong and pushing into the ground
  • Go for the ceiling. Extend upwards
  • Keep Smiling
  • Relax the jaw.
    You’re objectives:
  • Keep the SSSS exercise constant all the way through
  • Keep pelvic floor engaged
  • Keep Costal Ribs Open
  • Keep moving firmly planted on the ground.
  • Observe the action of the diaphragm pulling the air into the deepest part of the lungs
  • Open throat
  • Observe
  • Have Fun!

2 - MINOR MODE 3:05

    Observe and Stay Focused
  • Stay anchored into the ground
  • Keep the sound clear
  • Keep the tongue forward
  • Engage the pelvic floor and keep it strong
  • Shoulders relaxed as well as the jaw
  • Move side to side
  • Observe that the air is pulled in
  • The sound stays clear
    Your Objectives:
  • Relax the body while moving and producing a clear and focused sound
  • Refining the action of the diaphragm pulling in the air
  • Relax the shoulders and keep the pelvic floor engaged to hold the air in the lower part of the lungs
  • Manage the air pressure, while keeping the space in the throat open
  • A Clear focused vowel bouncing up and down on the diaphragm during the staccato

3 - STACCATO 3:00

    Your objectives:
  • Flexibility, which is very important to allow the voice box to move as is needed for vocal range and requires all muscles involved in that action, to be tension free.
    This exercise works on many levels:
  • placing the voice,
  • opening resonators
  • And also releasing tension from the tongue and jaw.
  • It is essential and must be performed with ease and good well supported, clear vowel sound.


4 - INTERLUDE - AIR 3:24

    Your objectives:
  • This is the first vocal break. It is essential for a healthy vocal warm up.
  • All muscles involved must go through a cycle of rest after exertion just like any muscle training.
  • Turn your attention inside to observe the air.
  • You may close your eyes and follow the visualization while standing or sitting.
  • Be very in tune with the breath.
  • Observe.


5 - STRETCH IT 3:00

    Your objectives:
  • Stay grounded and keep moving.
  • Keep an eye on your shoulders so they stay soft and relaxed.
  • Reaching for higher notes, feel you are sinking into the ground.
  • OBSERVE your inner space while you go higher in your range.
  • Relax the jaw and have fun.
  • Keep moving.


6 - COOLDOWN 3:13

    Your objectives :
  • Look within and OBSERVE the air
  • The shoulders
  • The jaw etc. and scan the space within.
  • Hold the pelvic floor engaged and stand tall.
  • You are the voice and it will resonate and be the best it can be when you are aware and open to the vibrations of the instrument.



    Your objectives :
  • Let your voice go where it feels good
  • Explore the color, range, breath of your soul.
  • OBSERVE and enjoy the air rushing in, pulled by the diaphragm
  • Relax and just observe.
  • This is a pleasure exercise.
  • Listen to the sounds and dive in.
  • Enjoy !


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